Our first audio release was in 1989 with a cassette album "Our Own Sweet Way" from which we later took 4 of the 8 tracks, releasing them in compilations with newer recordings through 1997. During this period we had several trios & quartets. It was hard for us to find bookings due to the eclectic nature of our format. Our music lawyer said we had the curse of the "E" word, namely, eclectic. We were doing what we wanted, straight ahead, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and some R&B with a heavy influence from Stevie Wonder, so we didn't change our selections. Luckily, CD Baby came into existence, giving us distribution as an independent label.

We always recorded live, never overdubbing. People were incredulous that this was true, so we started producing video of everything we did, from studio recordings to the few live gigs we were able to get. This started with the Musician's Union offering a video shoot. Some of these two shoots can be seen in the "10 Minutes Promo" with Brad Buethe on guitar, and the clips from the 1st shoot with Adam Levy on guitar. Something went wrong with the videographers the Union had hired on both shoots, but we managed to salvage what you see. This is when Ian Willson came into the picture. I had played at Ian's studio with Ian on sax. When I learned that he had been doing pro-video for a while we started hiring him to do our shoots.

 He taught me editing on a Videonics editing console, in analog, working from Hi8 masters. All the video you see here I edited, with Ian working the tape decks. We were manually synching the cams. When we started shooting our studio recordings we used the audio tracks we were to release on CD and synched to the 2 or 3 cams. All our audio was Hi-Fi Stereo.

We have posted 50+ plus clips of multi-cam video that was edited during that period. I still have 3 hrs.+ of multi-cam to edit, now digitally using Final Cut Pro. I am so grateful that we did this since Sheila died in 2007. We were working on a 5th album with a vibes/guitar instrumentation at the time. I video-taped most of the rehearsals, which I will eventually get to after editing the rest of the multicam masters. When YouTube came along it was similar to the C D Baby empowerment. All our clips are there, and sometimes people are interested enough to go to our website given in the descriptions.

Now, as then,

Sheila is
my inspiration.

She was & is unique.



Paul Smith